Looking for a tailored tour that works best for you? It’s too easy to get lost in vast sea of booking websites and it can be a struggle to find someone who can really help you make all the right decisions.

Check out Beyond Holiday’s personalised tours. We can offer you a unique experience that will create unforgettable memories. With extensive experience travelling the globe, our team is focused on making your holiday planning and tour booking simple and stressfree. Look no further for support and help in creating a dream holiday.

Cultural Touring

If you love diving into the history, art, and culture then look for tours which include ‘visits’ rather than ‘see’ in tour descriptions. This type of touring takes time so look for tours which may focus on a smaller area or specific region. A common mistake made is trying to include too much. This will only end up in not fully understanding or valuing your destination. Every minute is precious and you may never pass this way again so ensure your tour choice includes time to appreciate not just the sights but the people and their culture. Beyond Holidays works with tour suppliers who fully understand these values. Additionally, we have our own bespoke tours and cruise tours to make it all the more easy to discover the world.

Food and Wine

If you have a special appreciation for culinary dining that highlights a region’s x-factor, then look for specialised tours which include not only the dishes and drinks of the region but also cookery classes and visits to distilleries, breweries and vineyards. It’s best to focus on a particular country or region for this type of touring as this makes for shorter travelling times; allowing more times for activities. Beyond Holidays has a range of tours available via our selected tour partners.


There are so many wonderful walks to experience throughout the world. By joining a group, you’ll remove any uncertainty about the day-to-day. You’re able to relax, breathing in fresh air while taking in the scenery and enjoying your walking companions. Beyond Holidays can assist in finding the perfect walking tour – be it an entire classic walk or just a short section of one. Walking tours are an ideal addition to longer trips as the extended duration will allow for rest and recuperation afterwards.

City breaks

How do you make the most of your time in any chosen city? By ensuring you experience the best of everything that city has to offer and matching your interests to your activities. Whether it’s one or several cities that you’re visiting, go next level with the help of Beyond Holidays. From group tours, to private guided city tours or a bespoke visit, go above and beyond.


If you love the great outdoors, there’s an adventure just waiting for you in every corner of the globe. With help from our friendly and well travelled team, design an adventure that will bring out the daredevil in you, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re looking for something extreme – think whitewater rafting and paragliding – or prefer soft adventure experiences such as safaris and cycling, there’s something for everyone.

Tailor-made touring

If travelling in a group isn’t for you then we’ve got you covered. Our agents will design a self-drive tour which can includes car rental, accommodation, private guides, entrance fees plus more. The minimum number is four guests, and the maximum is up to you. A bespoke tour for more than 16 guests will be provided with a tour director to ensure everyone in the party enjoys every moment.

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